The beginnings of Slime Kingdom started in 2020 when South Africa went into lockdown. With many more hours to spend with my daughters, I started watching slime videos with them (slime was banned in our house at that stage lol). I started to get very intrigued with this gooey substance and my daughter picked up on this and started to get very excited to which she begged me to make this with her. After a few messy trial runs, and many Youtube tutorials later, this families love of slime was born.

My daughter and I spend a lot of quality time together in the slime room enjoying the creativity of making slime as well as teaching her about entreprenership. We have all types of slimes for sale including cloud slime, clear slime, butter slime, crunchy slime and many others.

Here at Slime Kingdom, our mission is to satisfy all of our customers. We believe that our slime is more than glue and borax. Slime is a world of stress reliving goo. Every batch is homemade. Our slime has so much thought put in to it. We try to make our slime realistic as possible in scent, texture and look. We ensure all our products are of good quality and our slimes are made of non-toxic glue.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Did you know that playing with slime stimulates four of the five senses?

It starts off with your fingers playing with the different slime textures (touch). You can also look at your slime and all of its colours and add –ins (vision). As you poke and play with your slime you hear satisfying noises (sound). Then you will notice that your slime has a pleasant scent (smell).